About Us

We are a 3 generation business. We travel around the mid-west (sometimes we venture further) selling our products. We specialize in making custom sized panties and belly bands. 

We started Pampered Pooch Couture in 2011. We can blame Rachael for that. We adopted our first small dog, Powder Puff Chinese Crested named Gracee. Rachael had to dress her up, but couldn't find anything pretty in big box stores. So Dawn designed and sewed a dress for Gracee. That weekend there was a local dog event, so of course we took Gracee with her all dressed up in her new outfit. We were immediately swarmed by people asking where we got the dress. To make a long story short, we ended up selling that dress right off Gracee!

Rachael went off to college and Laurie stepped up to help out with our little business. Dawn and Laurie kept the business going and growing until Rachael graduated.

Did we mention we are award winning dog couture designers 😉 We make for all sized dogs and cats!

Fast forward to 2018, we have expanded A LOT! We started with just making dresses, and now offer everything you could ever need for your dog (accessory wise that is)!

Now that we have a show dog, Darcy the Doberman (whom you will see pictured all over this website), we have expanded our merchandise even more. We now have conformation essentials; show leads, chains, etc.

It's now 2023 and we have FINALLY changed our name! Our hope is to stop being confused for groomers 🤞 We now have 4 Dobermans, and travel a lot. Whether we're vending or just exhibiting, we live out of suitcases and you know our sewing machine is always nearby. Because of our amazing and loyal customers, we are not just able to keep our small little business going, but are thriving.

We are constantly adding merchandise to this site, so keep checking in.

You can keep track of our busy schedule via the event page

If you have any questions please feel free to email us anytime, k9rufflebutts@gmail.com