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Goldpaw Series

Flight Suit

Flight Suit

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Can be used as a pee coat!

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Stretchy, nontoxic, lightweight, waterproof suit for dogs of all sizes

Made from recycled polyester and nontoxic waterproofing, it’s light and strong; protective, while allowing a full range of motion.

For thick-haired dogs, the loose fit allows the natural insulating properties of their fur to be maximized. It creates a windproof-waterproof bubble while allowing for the dog’s natural floof-puffing for warmth as body temperature dictates. 

For temperate climates, this lightweight jumpsuit is freedom from muddy coats, smelly and wet fur, burrs in the feathers and more. 

For short-haired dogs, put it over a Stretch Fleece in cold weather, wear it on its own the rest of the time.

Recommended For: Wet weather, muddy grounds, protecting from burrs

Adjustment How To: The Flight Suit features an interior waist adjustment. To adjust, put the suit over pup’s head and put front legs through the front sleeves. Pull the flight suit down towards the tail and flip the back sleeves toward you to access the drawstring inside at the top back. Adjust to desired closeness. Finish putting the back legs through the back sleeves. Marvel how cute and prepared your pup looks!

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm or cold, no bleach or fabric softener (softener can cause pilling on synthetic fabrics), tumble dry low or hang to dry.


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